Fund Application

Our Process

  • Applications to Receive Funds are available on the DWB Memorial Foundation’s website.
  • Applications must be submitted for review at least 6 months prior to the event (Golf or Pond Hockey) that the applicant is applying to receive funds from. Dates will be posted on the foundation website.
  • Applications should be mailed directly to the DWB Memorial Foundation:
  • 4711 Shady Oak Road, Hopkins, MN 55343
  • The DWB Memorial Foundation Board members will review each application looking for the following criteria:
  • Organization or individual makes an impact in the Minnetonka Community and/or in the state of Minnesota.
  • Organization or individual has a demonstrated need.
  • If more information is needed regarding an organization or individual, the Board may ask the applicant to attend a meeting or supply more information.
  • The Board will meet at least 3 months prior to the upcoming event and vote on the organization or individual to receive funds.
  • The Board President will contact the organization or individual selected.
  • The Board Secretary will send a letter to all applicants notifying them that the selection of an organization or an individual has been completed.

The DWB Memorial Foundation is a Minnesota non-profit corporation. 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization Tax Id # 47-1215259